17 July, 2016

my peppermint vanilla birthday cake

I turned 28 last week, and for the third year in a row I spent my birthday putting together a cake with my mom. For my 26th we made a raspberry chocolate cake, and last year there was the black forest cake but this time I wanted another pink one, naturally. Behold the peppermint vanilla bean cake with meringue icing. We followed this recipe which I think is intended as a Christmas dessert, but whatever; it was just as good in July.

05 June, 2016

teeny tomes by henrik franklin

I've been obsessed with miniature things (i.e. Polly Pocket) for pretty much as long as I can remember. There is something so aesthetically pleasing about tiny recreations of everyday objects, and these little book sculptures by Swedish artist Henrik Franklin really make me swoon. Wouldn't they also look so cute as lapel pins?!

23 April, 2016

more is more: my denim jacket

My entire patch collection is now adorning my denim jacket just in time for spring, and it looks super rad if I do say so myself. I love that pins and patches are a "thing" now, and eagerly bought up all of these pieces from independent designers and a few random places online. The makers of everything are listed below except for those that were thrifted or can be found via Ebay searches - some of my very favorites to scroll through are vintage Girl Guide patches from any era, but especially the '90s. Behold my masterpiece!

Patches: Over It - These Are Things / I Will Make It - Stay Home Club / Paws - Rosehound Apparel
Pins: Envelope - Explorer's Press / Love Bed - Rosehound Apparel

Patches: Tell My Mother - Explorer's Press / Feminist - These Are Things / Cat - Valley Cruise Press

Pins: Lost At Last - Explorer's Press / Face - Gentle Thrills

Give 'Em Hell - Rosehound Apparel

19 February, 2016

best phone case ever

As per usual around this time of year I have officially hit my "winter wall" and am feeling extra squirrelly. I'm desperate for sunshine, color, ANYTHING to break up the monotonous grey skies, like my fabulous new iPhone case for example. I was going to call this a DIY but it's literally just a matter of sprinkling some sequins (the more the better) in your clear case et voila! Little projects and bursts of flair like this are what keep me sane during the long winter months.

02 February, 2016

la fille bertha

I've been totally obsessed with the feminine creations of Italian artist La Fille Bertha since discovering her on Instagram a few months ago. These luscious ladies adorn gorgeous prints in their polka dot collars and winged eyeliner; their pouting faces can also be spotted on buildings across Europe, where they are rendered larger than life and sometimes with animal bodies. The delicious combination of colors, patterns, and lines in La Fille Bertha's illustrations are soft yet strong, and I've even been considering getting one of the following as my next tattoo...

26 September, 2015

little pieces

Sims Hot Date pin from Rosehound Apparel

Thrifted Bradley doll & Petra Collins' Babe

Pet stamps from Canada Post

Thrifted crystal collar

BSC necklace from Etsy

Cat patch from Rosehound Apparel

31 August, 2015

star seed vintage is open!

I'm super excited to announce that after years of planning to do so I've finally opened my Etsy shop, star seed vintage. There you can find a retro collection full of treasures I have gathered from many different places, which are now for sale! I've selected pieces from the 50s-90s with a mix of Anna Karina and Courtney Love in mind, like sweet mod mini dresses and sassy printed crop tops. Below are links to a few of my most favorite items currently listed, with more to be added soon. Please take a peek, favorite the shop if you like what you see, and let me know what you think of star seed!

1960s tulip dress with matching hot pants

1960s black sequin crop top

1970s pink lace jacket / white leather oxford flats

1950s daisy hat

1970s pleated wool skirt / faux fur leopard print hat

1990s black plush backpack