13 March, 2010

between the buttocks (get it?)

I've bought 67980893984535234 pairs of wedge/platforms in the past few months, and yet the Acne Atacoma still give me heart palpitations. The above are from 80%20 and pretty dreamy, even if they don't give a comparable 12cm (!) rise. They've served me well all winter as they're so comfy; I can walk long distances, dance for hours, kick the neighbour's satanic toddler in the face, and accomplish any other daily activities in them with great ease.

On the subject of all things frivolous and/or fashionable, I've jumped on the tumblr bandwagon despite my (previously held) belief that it encourages the downfall of creativity on the internets. Such may not be the case after all but the absolute last thing I need is yet another outlet for online fuckery, so follow me and stay tuned for the consequent failing of my university degree!

fav tumblogs include: