23 April, 2010

all we think about is a memory

Between packing and consuming numerous alcoholic beverages in the open air this week (I'm outdoorsy in that I like drinking on patios), I've gone back and edited a bunch of photos taken a couple of months ago which annoyed me at the time but are suddenly looking a lot better for some reason (ie above). Probz will just seem like I'm fishing for compliments (I swear that ain't my style), but thought I'd mention that I've enabled commenting on my blog as of this entry, so if you have anything charming or hilarious to say then speak up! I'd love to hear from anyone who takes the time to stop by!


lsa said...

yay!!! :)

ohh, i totally know what you mean about photographs looking suddenly better after some time haha and i don't think you are fishing for compliments! your style is impeccable xx

Gav said...

I like your taste in music, and in fact, hijacked your 'Lisztomania' YouTube for my blog.


c* said...

the glitter in the eyes just kills me!
it's too wonderful!

Marte said...

I like the glitter too! So much!
I just found your blog, and it is so sweet, i'll follow you from now on. :)

Chloe at Matchesfashion.com said...

That bow looks so good...I want to work that look! Lovely blog...you've made me yearn to be sitting on a sunny patio drinking rose... xx

Anonymous said...

I like your bow i like your sparkles i like your bangs i love your blog.

Rachel said...

That bow is very, very pretty. Much love!