16 April, 2010

tea parties, laces, & baby doll faces

The prospect of these Opening Ceremony booties with an all black ensemble is enough to bring a petite tear to my eye. I've become completely enamoured with the ankle socks that are showing up everywhere these days, which I do believe the above would be beautifully suited for.

In other bow adorned footwear developments, I was about to hail these sandals as the best I have come across in a long while, prior to discovering they are from Little Marc, which is Jacobs' line for 0-12 year olds. This is reminiscent of the time I spotted what was the most absolutely perfect pink and white party dress I had ever seen in my entire existence, possibly including past lives, and was staring moon-eyed with my nose pressed up against the shop window for quite some time before realizing it was a children's boutique. I think my taste in fashion may have a lot to do with my temptation to smirk whenever I'm referred to as a 'woman' (which admittedly isn't often). Then again that may be entirely due to my fondness for poop jokes, but who's to say?