29 April, 2010

velvet underground

Similar to half the universe, I really love a lot of what Alexa Chung wears. I try not to reblog much of this type of thing simply because a million others do it better than me, but those velvet shorts (part of her amazing collection for Madewell) are too good for words. It saddens me that such fabrics all but disappear in warm weather, though perhaps these floral booties could remedy that.


Chloe at Matchesfashion.com said...

She's totally working the velvet. Love those boots too! Lovely blog! xx

The Petite Blogger said...

cute shoes!!!! sweet and lovely blog!

xoxo jenna

Whispering Swallow said...

ohh those shoes are amazing! cute blog :)

xoxo Kayla
check mine out? follow me? It would be much appreciated :)

steph said...

Girl, I'm glad you turned the comments on so I could drop in and say I've been following you...in the internet way, not the menacing footsteps-at-night way, obvi. So hi!

Also, let me know if you're up for exchanging some mail like old times. I have some sweet stationery and no reason to use it! xx

Meggstatus said...

You're right, these shorts are perfect for them summer. It's hard to get velvet right but she did an amazing job.

FashionSheep said...

I really love Alexa's Chung outfit, she looks amazing!
Great blog! You have a new follower and friend.
Kisses from Spain^

Anonymous said...

Cute boots!

I'm doing a giveaway at my blog! Check it out :)

S-W said...

thanks for the comments everyone!!! i'll be sure to check out all of your blogs :) steph, obv i'd love that. email me! swdeboice@gmail.com