16 May, 2010

cats, like butterflies, need no excuse

Here's another lookbook post; I'm having a petite conniption over the brilliancy of these shots from Sretsis for their Spring/Summer '11 collection. The ruffles and scalloped edges on certain peices are absolutely beautiful, but the feline prints and surly looking cats strewn about the models are what elevate these to blog worthy level. I'd even take this over Miu Miu Spring '10!


lsa said...

yes, sretsis is brilliant. cats + bows = perfection ♥

CandV said...

your so right - i have to reblog their lookbook :)

B said...

Oh, I first saw stretsis on a liebemarlene post, she didn't love the lookbook but I tend to agree with you. I like how the models look like glass figurines. I kind of want powdery blue hair. Haha Thanks for posting!

A plus B

A. said...

Thank you for posting about Sretsis! I've never heard of them and now I will never forget the line. Though my favourites are the slightly less haute couture ones. ;P

A from aplusbinthesea.blogspot.com

Purple Deer said...

Oh my thank you for sharing! I'm going to re-post and give you credit dear...thank you!