07 May, 2010

epidermal doodles

I got a tattoo a couple of weeks ago! I realize this is slightly pathetic in comparison to the average OMG PEEP MY NEW INK post featuring a full colour chest piece in memory of someone's pet iguana which also incorporates their passion for space travel and love of tapioca pudding (I made that up but I bet it's out there somewhere), but this is my first and I'm rly pleased with it. Stay tuned for future additions.


the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

I think it's very cute. I love the simplicity of it. simple is always good.


sarah louise said...

I like it! I also like that spot for a tattoo.

Sarah Louise

B r i said...

pretty baby!

Island Gal said...

Well I think is really cute!!

Btw I just became you newest follower!! ;)
Love your blog!!

Hope you like mine and follow me too!! http://nycislandgal.blogspot.com/

Marcela GarcĂ­a Pulido said...

Oh hush. I love the simplicity of it. Also, you're gorgeous. :)

t said...

Very cool. Cute dress too!