16 July, 2010

break from the usual

Here's me in my new hat which is one of very few I've ever found that fit my massive cranium. I turned 22 yesterday which is a number I have always been preoccupied with (in a good way) for reasons I can't explain. My high hopes for better times than the horrendous past year provided me with have already been fulfilled as my birthday was by far the best in recent memory. I couldn't be happier with life in general at the moment, and am looking forward to the rest of my summer although it has been and will most likely remain somewhat uneventful. My days are mostly quiet but appreciated and they've been passing so quickly. I can't tell you how long I have waited for things to settle into this.


arnique said...

Happy birthday! I turned 22 in May and I found it unnerving. I don't feel like an adult and it worries me. I mean, when am I going to get the brain-download for built-in maturity? :o

A from A + B in the Sea

Megan said...

Happy belated birthday my dear!
I hope this year is a better than last x
Oh and, I like your hat
and your hair ♥

ch▲r said...

your hat is lovely! happy birthday, dear... i like your blog :)

p.s. i glanced at your profile, and you have fabulous taste in music! ♥

Miss T said...

happy belated birthday miss. Always a deligt to visit your blog.