14 August, 2010

to a t

I've already mentioned my love for The Like's drummer Tennessee Thomas but have decided that she is definitely deserving of an entire post dedicated to her wardrobe. There is no one who gets it "right" more consistently in accordance with my style guidelines (see: delusions of looking like a 60's pop starlet), and she's a beautiful babe to boot. From now on whenever I'm tempted to trim my unruly locks (which have been unattended for longer than I'd like to admit in my attempt to grow them past my knees) I think I'll refer to the below:


SAMI. said...

my fiance is a drummer and he always admires female drummers! i have never heard of this band! soo excited to check them out! thanks for sharing :)


anne said...

i see people do 60s looks all the time, but she does it best! my fave is the outfit with the red dress and the knee highs

¶ Michelle said...

I'm loving the lace :) she is gorgeous!

Ella said...

Tennessee Thomas is the cutest! I love her take on 1960's style :)

estefaniap said...

cute blog!

polin said...

there one picture you look like the koople!
love this and all you're blog