19 September, 2010

brown paper packages

tiny MJ coloured pencils

letter from my dearly departed (not deceased) BFF who I have not seen in almost a year :'(

mysterious love heart ('ME JULIE BEST MUM' ???)

& speaking of my favourite things, here is a collection of recent photos on Flickr which I am fond of. I love the way they look all together; it's not hard to pin point my interests from this grouping.


¶ Michelle said...

this post is very pretty and inspiring. I love the little MJ pencils, oh how adorable! and letters from a bff is always perfect. Hope you see her soon.

have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Those pencils are way too cute! ♥

pushingoars said...

So apparently it definately says "me julie best mom" here is a link for you.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Hearts#The_messages apparently it is a competition winning message. maybe its worth something hahaha

Sarah said...

kayla, we saw that page too and found 'mermaid eloise' in a pack the other day!