21 September, 2010

I'm in your closet stealin' ur miu miu

I have just discovered Chelsea Magazine, and while it's available for online preview, cannot wait to get my hands on a tangible copy. Issue #2 features this feline spread by Elisabeth Moch, who is an absolutely amazing illustrator. LOLCats + editorial = OMG!!! My heart is beating fast.


A.n.E said...

love these drawings. such a great twist with the feline.

matthew roland said...

Oh those are just amazingly great!

What a lovely blog you have here.

¶ Michelle said...

oh these drawings are amazing :)

Lady Moriarty said...

OMG thanks for sharing, it looks like a great magazine

See U !

Anonymous said...

Errr - this is incredible! I might have to post about it, too.

Just stumbled across your blog but I'm absolutely smitten. Following you now!