15 September, 2010

mercury falling

I bought my winter boots yesterday (more on them to come) and am now thinking about coats, mittens, scarves, etc. I've got two fur hats which I can't wait to wear, but am in need of a parka to get me through the months when the temp hovers around -30C. lily+jae have a number of pieces I am currently lusting over (see above), and was one of many Canadian lines carried at the pretty little shop I used to work at. Sadly ann&rosie closed over a year ago, but I unearthed some photos of it to share with y'all.


Karen said...

I have also been eyeing up the Lily and Jae Camel colored raincoat. I think it will be perfect for the cold, rainy days ahead!!



Nina Lindgren said...

oh! i really like your blog : )

Rosie said...

I've just fallen in love with the top-right coat - it's the perfect length and has a hood, which I always seem to not think about.

But it looks perfect for shitty-most-of-the-time England :)

Lovely blog!


Jenn said...

omg i miss a & r.

Laura Gommans said...

This is all so pretty! The top right coat, I NEED IT.