06 October, 2010

you're the boss, applesauce

I'm in the process of assembling my Hamburglar ensemble for Halloween 2010, but have been reminiscing over costumes of yesteryears and admit that Andy Warhol (me) and Edie Sedgwick (Lisa) from awhile back still take the cake. They cost next to nothing and earned us a lot of compliments!

Warhol's early fashion illustrations (Vogue, Harper's Bazaar) are among my favorite inspirational doodles to be found in any of the art books I own. I'm always amazed and endlessly impressed by the aesthetics of simplicity as my own preferences have always involved adding more, and more, and more. I love the coziness of clutter, but these have always managed to leave me satisfied with just a couple of lines and a few details here and there.





¶ Michelle said...

oh wow that is pretty awesome :) loved this post!

Kirstin said...

Best costumes ever! Good luck making your next one! I can't wait to see it:)

lisa said...

since then, whenever i think of halloween i am aiming to beat our edie and andy. Here's my costume for this year: