24 March, 2014


From Charlotte (France)

From Valentina (Chile)

From Jess (USA)

From Jordan (USA)

From Charlotte (England)

There are few things I love more than coming home to find an envelope full of goodies from far away waiting at my doorstep. If you'd like to see more lovely letters as they arrive in my mailbox, follow me on Instagram for regular updates! Also, a few paper delights made by yours truly have been featured on The Tea Drinking English Rose, which is one of my favorite blogs. Click here to take a peek.


Anonymous said...

I have postal envy! I definitely need to buy a cute address book and collect all my friends details in, once band for all instead of the hurried and totally uncasual "hey what's your address?" the week of their birthday!

moira said...

i love how your penpals seem to share the same aesthetic even though they're from different parts of the world - very cute correspondence! x

pukimatok said...

I fell in love with these envelopes and idea <3

she. said...

super cute, it's so nice to have pen pals

Josie said...

What a cute idea! I love how everyone went to so much effort to send super cute mail as well xxx

Mien_Deern said...

So cute! These are lovely!

Nava said...

Nice! xx


Nava said...
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Jane said...

Your penpals are awesome, this is all so beautiful! So much effort.

Crystal said...

I love all the different stationary. I used to collect Sanrio stationary, but gave it up. :/ I tried to have pen-pals, but I'm horrible about writing back. Love your blog!

winda octavia said...

in love with your blog..
what a beautiful and lovely idea =)

be friend?

Charlotte_and the teapot said...

Aww, I discovered your site through Etsy, those snailmails look awesome <3


matilda in wonderland said...

wow these letters are amazing! I really long for a letter friend now.

The Mad Twins said...

Writing letters is soo much fun ^-^ and the ones you recieved look so cute *w* the sushi looked delicious too *q*

Britnee Meiser said...

I just came across your blog and I absolutely love it! Everything about it is perfection-the macarons in your header, the pretty pastel color scheme, and your gorgeous posts. This pen pal idea makes me want to start sending more colorful mail to my friends!

xo, Britnee

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Having penpals must be so much fun! xx


Laura said...

It has to be wondeful to receive such cute letters
from all over the world.
I really like that you keep writing letters, they are so much more personal than emails or text messages. :)


RaeAbigael said...

lovely letters from lovely people! :) anyway, awww. :( this is that one thing I hate about snail mail. Lost letters :((( I wish we can track it though. Thank you Sarah! Too bad the letter got lost :|


Hannah said...

Pen pals are wonderful! And so much thought has been put into these letters, so cute!

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

These are all so beautiful! Having pen pals is the best!

Lost in the Haze

Sarah, She Was a Day Tripper said...

This is so nice, coming home to handwritten treasures! Your pen-pals are lovely.

GeorgiaNeko said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! ♫
♡ o ♡

Nora Rebekka said...

do you have mango sushi there? its my favorite one! :) love your post as always! xx

Beckerman Girls said...

Love your place! Soo whimsical, cozy and cooool!!! JUST everything is sooooo perfect and fun and amazing! I work on my dining room table too--for everything! It's the bEST!
xoBeckerman Girls


Pauline said...

I definitely want to be your penfriend!!!