01 March, 2015

hubba bubba gump

While much of the blogging world is anxiously anticipating the arrival of spring any day now, here in Canada the winter weather usually lasts well into April. Wearing faux-fur is one of the coziest and cuddliest ways to dress for frigid temperatures, and the brighter the better for breaking up the bleak landscape. My favorite coat is a hot pink number that garners a lot of compliments, but the most fabulous fuzzy pieces I've seen are from British label Shrimps. Designer Hannah Weiland (below) uses all synthetic materials, so animal lovers need not worry; the fake-fur colors are fantastically saturated and vibrant, appearing on coats, bags, shoes, and scarves. A gorgeous presentation of Shrimps Fall/Winter '15 took place last week in London and featured lots of signature softness, along with embroidery and glitter. It goes without saying that I am smitten!


Sammy Scott said...

Gorgeous, so many beautiful colours <3

Jane said...

Faux fur coats like that are so fabulous but I don't think I could pull it off, haha!

Anonymous said...

Can I have all of this. All of this!!! Everything about these colours just make me so incredibly happy...I mean just look at them! xx

Merissa Revestir said...

What a cute name. I would have never guessed the furs were synthetic. They're styled very nicely and look rather upscale in photos. I think you'd look adorable in one of her designs :)

Polly Bland said...

wow! I love these! Just my taste, too! I think we have similar styles. :) Thank you for visiting my blog! yours is lovely- I am a new follower as of today! :)

love, polly

Diana Cloudlet said...

I’m in love with your blog! I like your photos and style of writing! I know that it requires so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)
I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

Diana Cloudlet

Monique | WritingMonique said...

Ah! These coats just look gorgeous and so cosy; don't they! I love the colours!


Nancy Wilde said...

The texture... The pastel porn... Wow, faux fur fuzziness always steals my heart. Always. I'm glad there's room for faux fur in fashion, it's a big Fuck Off to the real fur used in haute couture. By the way, thank you for reminding me of Forrest Gump.

Kati said...

And the best thing - no animal had to die for these!


Olivia Gumienny said...

Such a cool label! I'm going to look into them! Cute blog btw!


Michèle Kruesi said...

woah LOVE these colorful pieces


Katie Frank said...

omg I love every little photo *_* <3


Suzy said...

I just love your photos so much!
I have to come back for more! (:

Have a wonderful weekend! xo
♥ http://www.thekawaiiplanet.com

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Edina Pakozdi said...

So so so amazing, I am totally obsessed with those furry shoes <3

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